Aug 5, 2008

As Good As it Gets!

i was cutting the grass this morning and taking a break and found myself pondering about my summer vacation and came to the realization that this summer was a really GREAT summer. i got to go to Whistler and find some air again on my bike, got to race down Golden Triangle with a friendly black bear, hang out with my good buds Chris and Emily in Philli and eat some really great mexican food, ride with Big James and friends at Loch Raven,got to teach some really great students at MICA, swim with my nephews down the ocean, and swim with my cousins in Cambridge....and the summer isn't over. I did a solo ride yesterday at Loch Raven and witness many a baby deer playing in the woods. Life at 45 is pretty awsome so far. Best of all I got to get to know my BEST crew better and make more jennyjen products. I got to meet Grace from Design*sponge as well as other amazing craft ladies in the biz last week at AVAM. I'm trying to bring jennyjen42 to the next level and get some good feedback from many friends and designers around. so we should see how my work progress this year. i'm trying to get ready for school , but not really ready for it. Seems to get here way too fast every year.

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