Aug 20, 2008

back to school....remember those great days of summer

i've just spent my third day of the first day back to school. it's teacher meeting week and get your classroom in order and get ready for the kiddies week! Today was a great professional development day with other art teachers....and you try, real hard, not to make a smart ass remark to every stupid question posed . it scares me, sometimes, how disconnected some teachers are in this country. they give us teachers a bad rap and they need to get out and find another career. yes , it isn't right when smoke is screaming out of your the mouse cord does not connect to the Ethernet connection in the wall....this is not how you get the internet to work....your phone will not get a dial tone if you plug it into the Ethernet plug. ugh;( i really wish i could use the f-word professionally. anywho, tomorrow we build more studio walls for my increasing AP class.I am very excited about my Advance Placement kids this year!
i am off my intention for this blog entry ..i wanted to find a good last day of summer pic....i love this one. we use to go play at the German orphanage in Catonsville as kids and there was this amazing swing that could swing a ton of kids at one time. It had a center pole as its axis and a round bench that we all sat on with a pole you held on to and it would swing around as well as side to side! I loved this playground ride that I'm sure has been destroyed and knighted dangerous! Along with many a merry-go-round and sea saw! Today's playground's may be safe...but not quite as fun! I'm the one in the pink dress!

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