Aug 29, 2008

i survived

i just got finished my first week of teaching kiddies and i am so exhausted. i hate to admit this but i fell asleep during Biden and Obama's speeches the past two nights. I have set specific goals this be more organized, use my outlook calendar at school, make lists and follow them and try, as hard as I can to be efficient so that I can come home and work in my sweat shop. Jennyjen42 has been growing. I have gotten into many craft shows and have a lot on my plate. And I don't want to give any of it up! I made my goal of getting out of Maryland for 2 shows this year: Crafty Bastards and Handmade Arcade. Before Crafty Bastards in DC, I have 2 other shows around town. I'm awaiting news about Bazaart at the Visionary museum and Holiday Heap which take place right after Handmade arcade.Then there is the Merry Mart at the Creative Alliance and the Last Minute Maul at School 33. So yeap, I will be a bit crazy. I saw this pic from Poppy Talk which is right From Martha and I thought it was a good synposis of my goal for the year....making organization the key to making my life full of beautiful things.

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