Jan 4, 2009

Tale of the Green Hat!

I have to tell you about this wonderful story about my green hat that I got from Sarah and Phil of rocksandsalt on etsy. They had the booth behind me at Handmade Arcade this past November. Allison (Tigerlily of BEST) and I noticed that everyone who tried on one of their hats, looked absolutely perfect! Now that's a hard product to make! And I mean it, everyone looked so hip and so perfect in their hats. I had my eye on this green one ( you can see it on my pic ) and I asked them about it. They gave me an awesome price on it since I was a vendor...and then showed me another one that had the smallest flaw..I have to admit this...I couldn't see the flaw that Phil was pointing out. And They gave me an even sweeter deal. It grew to be my up most favorite hat that I have ever owned!
Sad part of this story is that it got lost, walked away...not sure what happened while I was doing another craft show in Baltimore. My heart sank and the end of my 2008 was pretty much a symbol for how 2008 was for the USA.
I wrote to sarah and phil and told them my disheartened story. And guess what! They found another one, in the same color green and they sold it to me for the same sweet price! Thanks You Guys! I have been so happy about joining this diy, made handmade movement because these stories and connections! 2008 was actually awesome for me in this world! And now I fully look forward to exciting 2009!
So check them out! Here is a sampling of their awesome hats! Thanks Again Rocks and Salt!


Sweet Pepita said...

That's so awesome! I still can't believe it didn't show up. Man!

Geoff bought me the second one down with the snap for Christmas and I LOVE it! I have gotten so many compliments.

Eileen said...

what an awesome story...rocks and salt are good people...

Sara and Phil said...

you're too awesome, that's why you keep getting hooked up!