Mar 16, 2009

Swink Direct Mail

I've been trying to spruce up my shop and have been trying to think about my branding techniques...meaning I'm looking every where to determine what catches my eye and what elements I could begin to bring into my "look". I've been playing with color for my new spring banner and I'm working on new business cards for each season. Notice my last post with my new banner and sale avatar...still working on the pixilization on my etsy site...any help please?
Anyway, I saw this post on grain edit a while ago and it keeps coming back to my mind, reminding me to post it. I absolutely love unique uses for paper in which we with to pass on our info.Give me a reason to hang on to this and not recycle it...This beautiful promotional piece is from the Swink design and branding firm. It completely reminds me of the cardboard toys we used to get in cracker jack boxes or even high end everyday toys, like our 50' cardboard Barbie house! Now...what can I do to get one of these sent to me?

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