Jun 27, 2009

art-o-matic = brain overload!

OK..so I continue in my realization of lamelessness in my awaken state, I finally make it to art-o-matic..this is lame for a working artist who is only a skip and jump away from DC, and not be involved..worst...never been until now to this awesome artistic event. My first impression..is damn, there is a crap load of people making art in the DC area alone! The National Endowment for the Arts has now clarified that There are now almost two million Americans who describe their primary occupation as artist. Representing 1.4 percent of the U.S. labor force, artists constitute one of the largest classes of workers in the nation—only slightly smaller than the total number of active-duty and reserve personnel in the U.S. military (2.2 million). That's f@*king amazing when you think about that. The Artist has grown from the stereotyped emotional freakazoid into one of the largest work forces in our country! And going to art-o-matic surely reinstates this fact..9 floors of art! If you are not familiar with Art-o-matic..check out their site here. You only have until July 5th..so hurry down. Its right next to the National's Stadium and there is an actual metro stop underneath the art-o-matic site! (the Green Line Navy Yard Metro Stop, West Entrance ).
I have to go back down so that I can catch the top 5 floors.Now I must warn you,since this show isn't juried..it is for all artists..you will go through many a bad piece...but just the amplitude of work and artists represented, you are very blown away by the amount of people making art...and how is that going to make a bad world if we, the artists are growing in forces! The way it works, is that each artist gets a wall, and each performer gets a time and stage to perform..I think there are stages on every floor! Each person represented has to volunteer time to man a job and guard the work. Its an amazing feet of organization that I have to say, those DC people are really getting A's in my book in that department.

OK...enough..lets look at art...here are some of my favorites..The Document , Matty Burns., Chris Bishop, Bip and Jen Dixon...Dixon and Bishop purely for their names..

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