Jun 26, 2009

the Euphoria Project

ok ok..I'm really been lame on the blog department and also getting out there experiencing the parts of life I've been neglecting. I've know Lee Boot for a pretty long time, I've even worked with him on a segment of some sort of performance video in which I played Mary had a little lamb on my violin while Lee drew on an overhead projector that was being projected on me. That very short rant in performance art that I had ( and yes I've have had a number of strange performances myself..Serve Limited Gods where I shaved my legs while my friends performed numerous acts..... Dancing in plastic with Plaster Milly...let's keep those memories to the few that saw them) Aww..those were the 80's.
Anyway, I finally got to see Lee's masterpiece The Euphoria Project at the Wind up space on Wednesday night. It is an absolute must see and I'm looking forward to using this film, along with the study guide with my students. So, check it out....get your Liberian to purchase a copy for your library...all written, filmed and experience here is good old charm city! My favorite quote of the film " When did your parents ever tell you to build a life around what is most meaningful and engaging for you!" Our mission of happiness...or emotional survival is the taken on by a neurological and artistic viewpoint! The film stars some Baltimore star...Kelly Bell and the Running man who runs 20 miles a day!

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