Jun 27, 2009

Good bye 45 ..Hello 46

Today is leaving very soon and tomorrow will probably come before I finish this..but I have been writing this inside my head all day. ..my last day of being 45...….This year has been a quite a bumpy one of many highs and lows…I would say most of my highs have come on my professional side ( great kids this year in school andjennyjen42 made it out of the state and into many homes this year)...and the lows in my personal life. That’s not to say that all is down…many lessons have been learned this year and I wanted to reflect and write about them..to passed them on to the next person facing 46, or any age in the same state…here are my lessons…you can only control what makes you happy….not others around you..so focus on what you can control…keep in touch with your friends that you had many adventures with and that knew you as an independent being..you know the ones that you went to hang out with in the club house, the ones that charter a bus to New York to go see Gray March at CBGB’s and the ones you shared ground breaking experiences with….hang out with your friends whenever you have the chance..stop making excuses to simply stay at home and watch TV…get out there and experience life…when you’re really stressed out, close your eyes and try to remember as many happy times that you can…my favorite times are when I was a kid..I was blessed with an amazing childhood full of play and imagination, forts in the woods, stories read to me at night, a sister who is still my best friend and a wonderful loving family…. find what is meaningful and engaging to you…and hold it close to your heart…live life awake and stay away from numbing times of sleep. Turn off the TVs and put on some music…get a tattoo that makes you smile…Do yoga so that you can always touch your toes…flexibility of the body translate into flexibility of the mind, plus you feel better after you do it….visualize that happy little kid that you were and live a happy life for that kid…DO what makes you feel better and stronger for everything that drains you...I am happy to be the age that I am, happy for the past experiences that I have had, the great people in my life that have come and gone, especially happy for my dearest friends that I love dearly…I have had a great history of wonderful events and happy times….I am looking so forward to many more amazing times and happiness! …I am very happy for finding old friends again…here’s for finding that club house to go hang out in again!

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