Jul 3, 2009

lesson of the bicycle tire switch

Where do I begin. I guess I start with me waking up wanted or needing an activity schedule. I've been spending a lot of time alone at home and have been in panic mode than calm, then panic. I woke up refusing to be in panic mode. I visualized myself riding my bike today through town..like I used to do when I lived in the Copy Cat building. I used to ride all over the place. Since moving to where I am these days, I really haven't ventured beyond the lake loop. So today was going to be the day. I needed to first address the fact that I only have one functioning bike right now and its my mountain bike. Works great but it has those knobby tires that really give me more of a work out than I really want to have right now. So my morning idea...lets go buy slick tires and outfit my bike for city riding! Well 2 hours later,a patched tube, 2 trips to Performance bikes , no make that 3 trips to Performance, a ride to the lake with a discovered flat tire, a nice walk home , hence the 3rd. ride to Performance ! I am going to beat this thing! I am determined to ride my bike to the farmers Market tomorrow morning as well as ride to Laura's pool in Canton on Sunday! Wish me luck on the second changing of the tube!

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tigerlillyshop said...

a real trooper! lol. you and brett need to share stories! LOL.