Jul 5, 2009

The Mystery of the Boumi Temple

I spent a wonderful 4th. of July with my family in Catonsville. We had a great time eating crabs, drinking beer, watching the parade, more food , naps then the fireworks. An awesome day! This is my second Catonsville parade in the past 5 years and I have noticed the shrinkage of the Boumi Temple floats and participants. This leads to my ever curious question..."Who are the Boumi Temple ?" The Arabian Knights were missing this year. The guys on the motorcycles were there, as well as in the dune buggy's (they replaced the beloved little cars which I really miss), the old cars, the hillbilly shriner, the band on the double decker bus, the band on the other float, the guys with the bag pipes, the Clown Shriners....but I notice the not only lack of women of course, but the decline of participation..no young recruits? Half of the Shriner's look like they're pretty lucky for making it to the parade this year...what will happen to our future of men;s clubs they are associated with mysterious missions, guidelines and temples?

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