Oct 11, 2009

Baking in a Jar...A Huge Success!

After yesterday's post, I couldn't stop thinking about this baking in a jar phenomenon. So I had to take a break from the sweatshop for some cooking therapy. I did some research on the jars and found them at my nearest ACE hardware..that I was so impressed with. We have a fairly new store by me in Waverly. The shop was clean and friendly and I couldn't believe the cookingware as well as the paint available. In fact just about anything you needed for home repair or beautification was there. And so easy to find as well as a very friendly and helpful staff!
Anyway, I bought my 12 8oz wide mouth jars for $9.99 and then went off to the grocery store to by my items for the week as well as my new adventure on chicken pot pie in a jar. I made a huge batch that I ended up freezing half of the filling and used the pie crust you find in the frig section in the grocery store..yes I was feeling a little pressed for time, so we went with the quick version. I also used the rotisserie chicken.
I made 5 pies with one of the pie crust. Whipped up some apple pie filling and made three apple pies in jars . Hmmm....very yummy and oh so cute. One chicken pot pie filled me up! So two more go into the freezer and the other two remain for lunch and/or dinner this week. You can find the recipe and directions here

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