Oct 21, 2009

Conditions of Pooh Chracters

Inhabitants Conditions Additional fatcor Cause Drug (brand/common name)
Pooh inattentive subtype (ADHD); cognitive impairment; possibly Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) (ADHD impulsive subtype excluded), if so he may have Tourette syndrome Obesity and poor diet "Shaken Bear Syndrome" (dragged down stairs by Christopher) resulting in microcephaly, ADHD: cause unknown Stimulant (Ritalin/methylphenidate)
Piglet Generalized Anxiety Disorder Bad environment emotional trauma from trapping heffalumps antipanic agent (Seroxat/paroxetine)
Eeyore chronic dysthymic disorder or Major depressive disorder Housing problem [[Unknown antidepressant (Prozac/fluoxetine)
Owl dyslexia (very bright) Housing problem see: Theories of dyslexia
statistically high risk for Poorer Outcome (single-parent household (overprotective, unemployed) aggravated by Peer influences, i.e. Tigger as a Role Model)

Tigger hyperactivity and impulsivity subtype (ADHD)
unknown Stimulant (fluoxetine) + sedative (clonidine)
Christopher Robin possible Gender identity disorder in children (from illustrations), overactive imagination (though delirium is not speculated in article), complete absence of parental supervision and educational problems Unknown
Rabbit Narcissistic personality disorder (God Complex)

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