Oct 8, 2009

one reason why I teach

today I woke up not feeling too well...the old ear ache and porcupine in the throat syndrome...and yet, I had to admit, I am so lucky to get to do what I do everyday. I love my job. I absolutely love teaching. And yes today was my day teaching three classes in a row starting with my Fundamentals of art class of 33 , which goes right into my studio class who are painting with oil paint and full of messy Marvin's and then we get a hint of a break with, if I'm lucky, a 20 minute lunch with my buddy Tricia and then another fundamentals of art class which is a talkative GT group of only 22.....but I am so lucky to make a mark in this world. I am childless but I have many children out there...and i love them all. They always come through when I need them and they always, and I mean always make me smile! I had this song in my head with the wonderful memory of the first time I saw this movie at my grand parents house on a Saturday afternoon in the mid 70's. My sister had to watch it for a class she had in either junior or senior high...I'll have to ask her...but it made a very strong impression on me. My favorite movie and song to date!

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