Jan 6, 2010

1986 reflection of paint

One major change that I need to make this year, is that I HAVE TO GET MY PAINTING STUDIO UP AND GOING BECAUSE I NEED TO PAINT!!!!!!! Sorry to yell....its been too long. Way too long and there is so much deep down in my soul that needs to get out...and sorry folks, sewing and making birdie birds is fine for my happy go lucky side, but I got shit to get out! So tonight I begin my journey back to where painting really started for me. 1986. My first year out of college. I lived home for a short spell ( I had lived all over in B-more during college, but the money ran out and I was jobless. I moved to Howard County to the parental unit where I then found myself working at Kemp Mill Records and driving every night to the corner of Eutaw and Mulberry or Franklin every night). I got a job in town and moved back to mob town.....27th and Howard with Strazz and Sheri. My first night I had to work and Strazz painted my room for me. I had picked out some horrible rose color and a light pink for the ceiling...and he did it while I was at work!! That was one of the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me...I miss you Strazz so much!!! Sorry I'm getting off subject. Just trying to set the mood. In my bright rose color room, I set up my painting studio as well as my bedroom. I created these ankh characters. They were made of cheesecloth, butchers paper and oil paint. They protected us on 27th street. They became my army and my muse. They became family. Strazz had them tattooed on his wrist. Gray March used them as their album cover and they marched me into my first show down at Jules Loft with my cousin Cathi. Here are some of my works from that year. I have thought about these figures numerous times and very much this past year. I guess we will see if they march back into my work when I start again this year.

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