Jan 8, 2010

1989 ...the year of the definition

I thought I would continue my reflection of my painting career after getting some positive jolts in the brain for reassurance for why I need to go back to painting. My new decade has begun with great reflections and me being very adamant about "no excuses" just do it and stop complaining. I am happy to report that tonight the office has been cleared to a small corner of my old sweatshop, freeing up two major walls ready for paint! Yes, I mean it...my painting studio! All I need is a little help in the muscle power to bring up my drywall walls and masonite from the basement to protect my walls and floors and my painting cabinet! And I'm ready to go! Anyway, here are some of my paintings from what I think was a pretty good benchmark..1989. I was living in Bolton Hill at the time, in this amazing apartment with high ceilings and I was teaching Elementary school art. I started to go through the book room and finding many books that I remembered from childhood. I found this old dictionary and I wanted to begin questioning these definitions that I remember as I child, was the Bible of truth....no lies, only the facts of the what each word means....and so I began to put my imagery together with what I thought of each word...and this is what I got....

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