Jan 12, 2010

More reflections on Painting...the Minimal Assemblage period

In 1987 I moved to Bolton hill where I lived with two other Artists and one was a found object sculptor who liked to collect....and collect...but never really did anything with this collection of found objects, discarded wood and building materials...so I decided to play and created a small series of works. One actually got into Artscape that Eric Fishel curated, my first acceptance into a juried show after college! This series is based on Apartheid that was still quite strong in 1987 and I still couldn't believe such treatment of humans was happening in this modern age...still can't believe what is still going on...but onto the art. I really loved most of this work. My favorite two are the blue painting with the window screen titled "pink" and the darkest green and white pieces with the perfect separation of this gorgeous piece of discarded wood titled "Apartheid". I've been reflecting and looking back at my work and I see myself taking from each favorite period of mine and throwing it all up onto canvas. I have these ideas in this head that just keep spinning...can't wait to see what happens.

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