Feb 6, 2010

The Big Storm of 2010!

Its 3:04in the afternoon and two BGE trucks have been parked in front for the last hour. I guess I should be grateful that I have electricity and I guess a bit optimistic since doom is sorrily across the street. It started snowing around noon yesterday and hasn't stopped yet. Last night I heard thunder and woke up to more than 20" on the ground. I went out around 11 to shovel and most of what I shoveled is covered again but I can still see the path. It's a heavy beautiful snow. The trees are drooping and hanging low. There has been very little human sightings minus the work man in their neon green vests. Its very peaceful but I know stir crazy will step in soon. I'm keeping busy with the new spring line...but also thinking it may be time for an afternoon nap!

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