Feb 15, 2010

Reflections on Painting continues...2002-2004

mother may I?


king pooh

Mural for Mulberry Street


and then there was pooh

nose pickers

I had just came back from a week at SAIC in the summer of 2001, where I received a grant to participate in a teacher institute and paint the model . I was welcomed home by a huge piece of linen that was used in some movie set. My tool box was full of figure drawings and paintings as well as a full 12' by 8' wall covered with linen. My largest piece to date began in 2002 and was completed, or stopped being work on in 2003. IN this pivotal year, I created a mural for Mulberry street of abut the same size as well as King Pooh, which is 8' by 4'. I absolutely loved working this big. But the size becomes way too big when it has to be taken down and rolled up and stored away to hopefully one day be shown again. I tried to hang my Jill painting in my new house, but there isn't a wall large enough to hold it. The theme of jack and jill and fairly tales as well as pooh exclaimed greatly in my work during this period. This was also the last works of art created during my first marriage. The tales that gave me the insight to move on in life.

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