May 31, 2010

Jennyjen42 has a fan page!!!

OK... OK... I know I'm a bit late for this one. Its that time thing again. I'm challenging myself for the month of June (yes today I'm getting a head start, to post something everyday on this blog, in my shop, and on my facebook fan page. If I don't make it...I"ll fire my boss. I really need to spread the word of birdy birds to everyone that I can in an non-obnoxious way. I have great new projects heading my way. One being a children's book that my mom and I are collaborating on. She's in the writ ting stage as we speak. I'm in the trying not to panic that I've committed to too much again! But we will persevere . Persistence is a great habit! Go check out my new fan page and hit the "like" button, if you like it. I've been posting as many bag and pillow designs that I have done since starting this whole jennyjen business four year ago! Check it out here.

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