Jul 30, 2010

No More WorkHorse...for now

I have not stop working since I got out of school on June 18th. Its been a crazy busy summer and I have to say not a bad summer at all. Taught two amazing classes which I know i need to post some pics on the amazing art work my students produced this year. Artscape was a blast even with its horrid heat but I did get interview on channel 11 and made some new friends and got re-acquainted with old friends too! Wrote curriculum which is gonna kick some art teacher ass into the 21st. century and got me excited for my next year of teaching. Tomorrow is my last craft show till crafty bastards in October. Need a break to make some more designs, work on some art and start illustrating a children's book in the works. I've been watching the movie Beautiful Losers, which I've just discovered you can watch the entire movie on you tube...and I suggest you do, if you haven't seen it yet. Which brings me to this video I posted that was directed by Harmony Korine for wil Oldam..two of my favorites artists. Going to go for the beach for a week and actually take a vacation! Leaving right after Hamilton Fest tomorrow night. So its peace out for a bit! I'll be back in a week and then another weekend to NYC!

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