Jul 1, 2010

What I'm into

I was doing a little catch up on some of my favorite blogs and found this great show idea from Berkley Illustration's blog "Let's Share". They were given 6x6" wood panel to do anything they wanted.And this is what they came up with...taking me back to my bike racing days I love the podium set up. I love this creative endeavor. Thinking this could be a very cool studio assignment for my high school kiddies. Next week I start a drawing portfolio class for two weeks and Ive been searching for new ideas.
...here was the idea and assessment of the project:

The concept of the show was to interview friends and ask them to rank the top three things they're 'into' right now. Ryan then interpreted their choices as medal winners in some kind of strange mental Olympics.

We were hoping to gain a few insights from the work:

1. Seeing what our friends have going on upstairs right now and hopefully learn a little more about them because of it.

2. Discover what kinds of things our friends have in common with each other and with us and with the whole wide world.

3. See how people's interests change or take on a different tone when on paper versus in their heads.

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