Dec 13, 2011

My Artwork is getting Out of the Basement

I have to move my studio and all of my paintings out of Argonne drive this weekend. Going through all of my paintings has been quite depressing. First of all its the disillusional idea that I was going to make it one day as a painter. That's what us Painting majors hope to happen one day. My fame has come in being called McB, by my beloved students, and in the name of jennyjen. Not that either are a bad thing...not at all!!!! Its just seeing these paintings that I spent so much time and soul over. And I really hate to put them back in the basement somewhere else. So I started an auction of my work. I posted most on my facebook wall. Small paintings have a suggested starting bid at $35 and larger ones at $150. The auction ends at the end of the week on Dec. 18th....moving day. I had some buddies come and look last weekend, and they have bought and lovingly placed four paintings in their home. See photo's. They feel very much at home there and I feel so much better with them getting to see a new view, breathe in some fresh air, and see the light of day! Please visit my facebook posts here and let the bidding begin. I have a square to take credit...will gladly take payments and work with you if you see a painting YOU MUST HAVE! Keep scrolling down through old posts non my facebook wall  stop when you get to the VICTIM painting!

photos by Cindy France

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