Feb 13, 2013

Amazing Happening Number 1 for 2013!!!!

Life is sooo amazing sooooo far for 2013! I got engaged in New Mexico over my Winter Holiday! My Englishman made me this incredible stone circle about balance. He asked me to help him balance a boulder on top of another. And luckily it did balance. And then, in the center of the circle he told me it wasn't a ring, but that it was all about balance and how I balance his life and then he did it...he asked me to marry him! And I cried with joy and of course, I said YES! Our trip was so amazing in this new landscape and frigid temperatures. We bathe numerous times in the hot springs, inside and outside. Snowshoed under the full moon on the volcanic plateau in the 2degree temperature...I didn't last too long. My painful hands made us turn around and come back inside. We finished our sketchbooks for the Sketchbook project ( all ready posted). And so this became amazing happening number 1 for 2013( even though it happened New Years Eve, I'm still counting it!)  More to come.
 Now enjoy the photos!

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