Jan 18, 2014

Lucky to be Don McBrien's Daughter

Ok, I have fallen behind in my funaday self portraits and my daily posts to my blog.  I'm sorry, but  these last days, and my future days, have been, and will be, extremely hard, heavy headed and very hard to handle. My dad is dying. He is very sick with a bad heart. And this is the first time that I have put these words and thoughts down in writing.  I am trying to catch up and attempt to write what my family and I have been going though. I am extremely thankful that my family all live in the area and are there for my dad and his wife and each other to help each other get through this. I love my sister and brother with all of my heart. I know I am extremely lucky and blessed to have them both and that we support each other. I have watched us be as strong as we can be through this. I am so proud and thankful for both my brother and sister. I am so thankful for my amazing and supportive husband, family and friends . We are our father's children and know what we must do.We must be strong and supportive and live this life to its fullest degree and be as happy as we can be! NO EXCUSES!

 I took a walk in the woods this morning.   I feel so lucky living so close to Wyman Park. I walk the trail along Rocky Run to get to my studio, many times to get my head on straight. Today, I think about the times my dad drove me to Hopkins, through San Martin Drive to his parking place at Hopkins, to walk along 33rd street to the Memorial Stadium for my time to go to the Colts game. Armed with a thermos of hot chocolate and a blanket,pass the triangular house on the right and the  movie theater with the relief greek actors on the left. Each time watching them go into a slow decay. We got to take turns doing this with our Dad, my siblings and I. We look forwards to not really going to the game, but towards having this one special Sunday afternoon with our Dad. He would either drive to his parking space, or we would walk down the street to the Paradise bus stop to catch the special bus to the stadium. My Dad has always made all of us feel special. Even me the middle kid. I didn't become a teacher to prove something to my parents, the educators, but because I am my parents kid. We all became teachers and guidance counselors of some kind. Be it in career or in our own families. Thank you Dad for everything!

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