Jan 27, 2014

24, 25, 26 and 27 Jan 2014 Portraits

24 January 2014
Went swimming after school on this day to be the only person in the pool with a rapping life guard! This lasted during my first half mile that I swam. The second half became full of children and senior citizens. 

25 January 2014
I wish I could have taken my Dad to Scotland before he became so ill. He would have loved to have taken us kids. We would have been singing sounds and reenacting scenes from the sound of music (even though we would have been in Scotland). 

26 January 2014
Actually we cleaned the entire house, went grocery shopping and made a very healthy dinner for friends all day.....I actually did this on 27 January 2014 in the sweatshop. This is my first freehand machine stitched self portrait! 

27 January2014
I also did this on the 27th. Just a quick sketch on wood of me and my lucy-fur! My shadows and underfoot on these very cold days nights!

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