Jan 2, 2014

Happy New Year! Happy New Look!

Happy New Year! I thought I would reclaim this blog and give it a new look! Time to flush old habits away and get caught up! 2013 was AMAZING!!! So amazing that I had no time to write about it! I did the old, turn 50 this year! And I was a very smart gal and married my soul mate on my 50th! Birthday!  Ashley and I got married on an old streetcar at the Baltimore Street Car Museum, under a double rainbow! We over three weeks in the UK this summer and moved in with each other! I moved my sweatshop into the Mill Center that is nicely within walking distance and a beautiful space! Jennyjen42 had its BEST year! Now this is just a hunch, since I haven’t done the numbers yet! I got my sewn drawings into a craft gallery in Hampden and I’ve been getting myself back in tot he making art again! I’m starting off 2014 by participating in Fun O Art, in which I have to work on art everyday of January! I’m working on self portraits that communicate how each day has effected me…..I think I may end up turning myself into a bird by the end of the month. OK, here are some of my favorite pics of the year!


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