Jan 22, 2014

Portraits 20 & 21

So I decided to take a vacation of sorts from observing my real self, and thought for this beautiful snowy weather to put myself in a different place, of a different time as a different person. Or where I wouldn't mind escaping to. The first one is taken from this photo:
This is a photo of me and my friend Missy form 1983, I think, taken by Stuart Stein for one of his paintings.  And then I found a great interior shot from a 1963 Interior Design magazine I had found in an antique shop many years ago. Did a little bit of photoshop and here we are: 

And then I saw this ad for this furniture company that reminded me of that famous photo of the Abstract Expressionist group of the New York school . I had always dreamed of being part of an artist group that had some influence on the art world...so I put myself in their happy group! 

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