Aug 22, 2014

Here we Go..... School Year 27!

We are off and running! Or should I say, we are going to laugh and have as much fun as we possible can this school year! This is going to be my mantra for this 27th. year of teaching. This is my first goal for this year. The closer I get to retirement the more I'm going to teach the way and what I want! Luckily it all gels with  the rigorous,creative and relevant art curriculum of Baltimore County. Another year for me to work on establishing the artist community in my classroom that contain enthusiastic, open minded, critical and creative thinking, cooperative and pleasurable beings! I tell my department that you need to train your students into being the people you want to spend time with! A huge challenge for the high school beast...but it is doable! My other goal is to keep an updated blog...yes Again I am going to try this! If I figure out how to make time work for me, this could work! I have so much to tell you about my amazing summer and all of the places I went to along with my best craft show ever! So I promise to be back with more post! OK, back to planning! Cheers!

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Anonymous said...

The kids are so lucky to have an inspiring teacher like you!