Dec 14, 2015

A word or two from the sweatshop

Hiya from the sweatshop! I know, I know, I need to get this blog posting, web page making a happening thing! I have updated my technology with a new iMac and iPhone 6 hoping to up the quality and efficiency of my posts, photos in a hopefully consistent pattern. I am in my 28th year of teaching! Can't believe that one and my business of making has been growing and making some very good steps towards doing it full time! I am still hanging on to my teaching gig, not just for the benefits and pensions, but yeah, for the love of teaching art! Now that I am quickly approaching my last years, I am teaching at the top of my game and truly loving the act of teaching the way I want and seeing the benefits of showing up to work with a smile on my face. 

 Sweatshop talk: I bought a sweet 1950's era Singer Industrial Sewing Machine that I absolutely love the look of and am intimidated as heck to use it. I need to get some stronger industrial thread and go at it once my holiday making is over. 

The past month has afforded my three new wholesale accounts, the most sales of any holiday shows I have done and a some new products that I really am proud of ( and have been selling like hotcakes!). Putting the felt appliqué on the back burning and embracing the freehand machine stitched method of drawing with my sewing machine. My bird portraits have come to life and are filling up my sketchbook with so many ideas.  I am planning on posting my new products and my latest loves! Thanks for sticking by me and coming back to visit here every once in a while! 

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