Jun 26, 2006

Rain Rain go Away

It’s Monday. A very rainy Monday following a very, very rainy weekend. Spent the weekend toting from Baltimore to White Tail to watch the Yous guys racing team race in the mud and endless rain. Not very happy with the racing organization and having to wait after numerous delays for shoty timing. Patrick got himself a bad knee injury, leading him to only race on Saturday.

I started to make aprons on Friday and have now completed three. Am working on the tie around the neck variation. The pics are of the three I just completed. Working for my application for the Crafty Bastard application.
Now I guess its time to go back to the paint. Went to SALT on Friday (where I am having my show in September). I counted six places for six more paintings. Smaller ones..Thinking 2 foot square. So its back to good old Photoshop for more wallpaper designs. Will keep you posted.

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