Jun 23, 2006

Marla Streb my Hero

No, I am no way close to Marla (maybe a little close in age). Patrick and I saw her at Mount Snow this past weekend, where she raced Super D and got 3rd. place. Marla Streb? 3rd? Isn’t she the fastest downhill champ...well...she did make some major changes to her life. Like having a beautiful baby girl 6 WEEKS AGO! She told us that she was riding the day she gave birth! And back on the bike 4 days after giving birth (not sitting on the saddle of course).

So she is my motivation to be in the best shape I can be. Next week I turn the ripe age of 43. And I feel like I'm still 10 in many ways. And my clock has been ticking for a bit. My doc says I'm in better shape than a lot of the 20 some she sees...so I feel pretty good and ready to be Marla Streb...at lease Marla Streb the mommy. Still that time comes I'm going to do my best to keep with my summer regiment: 30 or more minutes of cardio four times a week. Lift weights at lease 2 times a week. I will only use walking up and down mountainsides to watch Patrick race as a single day, if I hike for two days.
So I've been good this week. I went to the YMCA 2 times and Loch Raven twice. Today I went by myself. Provident Rd to Dulaney and back...hotter than hell out there...but I did it. And had a great time! Made it over all of the logs crossing except one. Made one fantastic spill over the handle bars and landed on my FEET! Good thing about falling all the time is that you become master of landing!
Made it through another time in Loch Raven without running into any my students doing things they shouldn't be doing!

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