Jul 18, 2006

If you go...

If you go to Artscape this year, please...Don't forget to LOOK AT THE ART!
It is the reason for Artscape. I went with my artsy entourage last Friday for the actual art openings. Unfortunately, we only made it to some of the shows in the MICA area. First we ventured into Theater Project...it its one of those spaces that definitely get's pushed aside and forgotten. My friend Trisha has about 4 pieces in this show. It’s a fiber show that really is worth seeing. Trisha Lane makes these incredible pieces that I like to describe them as stitched stories. Works that put a smile on my face when I look at them. Try to ignore the little office set up in the gallery space…they seem to be going through renovations. We actually got to get a peek of the actor Bill Pullman who is doing some sort of under ground theater event.

Then we wandered up to the FOX building. Ran into many old friends, as well as the X for the first time. Happy to say that time does wonders. No yelling or screaming. Simply caught up on family manners and a hug good bye.

You MUST See the Sondheim Award show in the Fox Building My fav’s were Jason Hugh’s army men Mandela and Eric Dyer’s works. Go check it out! The pattern show in the Bunting Building is also good. Go see the street signs in the small room. You can view the story of Christ via the language of the street sign! (These were created by Peter Zahorecz. A great artist friend of mine who died early this summer riding his skateboard in England. )

I'm sad that I didn't get to Gallery 409 to see the "Dangerous Books; Pushing the Pop-Up" show. Will try to make it there when I get back.

So don't let this heat make you miss Artscape. Its the 25th. anniversary! I believe fireworks are planned off the new Brown Building!

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