Jul 18, 2006

Time Please?

Somebody give me more time in the day please!!!! I keep feeling like my summer is going way too fast and that I simply cannot find enough time in the day to do what I really want to do. We leave for Whistler on Thursday. I’ve been teaching this camp that I really like but for some reason, when a teacher teaches over their summer vacation, something sucks every living ounce of life out of you. I have only found a small speck of time to paint. 5 canvases stretched and one background begun. I know September will be here before I know it. Only 12 full days for me to paint before my show once I return from Canada.
But I have to calm down and not worry. What happens happens..What get’s done..Get’s done.
Though I really should not complain about camp. The best part about teaching this summer enrichment art camp is that my two nephews, Matt and Andy are participating in this camp. Their second year. They have come back very confident and making some incredible works of art. Matt and his scorpion…he is planning on selling for $50 Framed. And Andy’s watermelon are both pictured above. I really love seeing these 2 guys everyday. Makes it all worth it! And before I know it, they will be all grown up.
I’m going to send updates from Whistler. Got a new full-face helmet so I won’t be a bobble head this year. My goal this year is to make it down A line!

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