Aug 13, 2006

Just checking in

Life sure does get busy when you're watching the days. I got the depressing "back to school" letter on Friday. Not really ready to go back. This summer was incredible with lots of clean air, mountains and just plain old space! Living in Baltimore makes one forget about what space looks like, or actually feels like. Utah is 85% unused land. You can see so far. And clean! Patrick has a great run down on our trip. His computer however has taken ill and is away for a bit. But keep posted, it will be up soon. He also has all of our good pics.
So in the meantime I thought I would post some pictures of my family vacation from 1976 or '75. Not sure...but it was this great trip in which we took friends of the family's pop-up camper and car and took a month to see the WEST. We started with the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, went all though Colorado, Yellowstone, the Grand Teton and Jacksonhole, WY, then down to the Grand Canyon, Salt Lake City and then through the Dessert to San Francisco. We flew home and then our friends flew to San Fran and brought the camper home. I can only imagine what that trip would cost today! So I got to re-visit the outside of the Mormon visitor center in Salt Lake this year on the way to the airport.
And now I am down to one week left before its back to full time work. The paintings are going well. To interpret Photoshop rendering in paint is a new challenge for me. They are changing and evolving. The invites have been sent out. Still needing some addresses. So if you didn't get one give me a holler.
Sleep Sleep Time

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