Aug 18, 2006

THis is my last day of summer

Today was my last weekday of summer vacation. I spent it with my best bud from college and one of my teaching colleagues: Mildred and James, along with their two tag-a-longers: Phoebe and Ivan. Off to D.C. to go look at Art! We first descended on the Phillips collections. I had only been there once when I was in undergrad. I completely forgot how incredible that collection is. They have this amazing collection of Bonnards, Diebenkorns, Gustons, and the Rothko room. I am amazed by how color, and its strengths, dimensions and layers can be so effective. This collection is hanged in such a way that all paintings are beautifully complimented. It was well worth the $12 to get in. I will not wait another 20 years before I go back. In fact I must take my students.
After traveling to Dupont Circle, we jumped back onto the metro to the Smithsonian for $12 salads at the National Gallery Café and quick run through the Rousseau exhibit that was good for a silly laugh. How was it that this untrained artist got famous?
Then to the show that motivated me to spend my last day of vacation in DC: Anselm Kiefer ‘s Heaven and Earth exhibit at the Hirshhorn. Pictures in books do not do this man’s work justice. You have to experience them. In their grand scale and multiple layers. One images this 60 some old man in his German factory studio space. As I stumble over piles of pictures and books in my studio to reach my paints, I am so jealous of those you have massive spaces to work in. It is a dream of mine. Maybe when I am 60 some. Anyway, the show ends September 10 so go down there NOW and see it.

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