Jun 28, 2007

happy 44

sorry i haven't posted in a bit. its been the end of school, leave for Williamsburg, come home entertain family guests, off to the Eastern shore, back to school for 2 EYE days, then busy in the sweat shop. i've also been scanning the family slides and i found my two favorite birthday pictures from the past. my hair was so white!!!! i was my pop's blondie. you can see him and my other great grandfather in the one picture. i love the dress my mom is wearing in the other picture. i love that neck line as well as that shade of green. i love that everyone was so dressed up to sit in the back yard. i think we kept our dresses on for the first five minutes before they came off.
birthdays at 44 are going to the Y to have the turnstile sing you Happy Birthday and dinner out with my guy!

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