Jun 3, 2007

new blogs

after graduation today, I've been mainly sewing and procrastinating by searching on line. i love how the web works..you go to one site and it leads you to hundred...no thousands of others. my most recent finds have been in my looking for crafters in near-by cities...philly is my recent location i found many more links from the Betsy Ross site. as i find those i like i add them to my links for easy assess. having a fascination and a strong attraction to the aesthetics of the 40's to the early 60's.....i am drawn to any thing related to such especially in design. i found a great blog called book-by-its-cover.com. i posted pics from the children's book section that most appeal to me. i love the green and red...i can't seem to get away from these two compliments of The Lollypop Factory by Mary Elting/ Jeanne Bendick. i do not recall this particular book but owning many like i from my childhood. having a teacher for a mother insured you of many books!

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