Jun 6, 2007

a new inspiration

i'm finding that one of my difficulties of being a painter, is well, when i don't paint, which i must confess hasn't happened seriously since the painting studio went to the basement in pieces, about 6 months ago, i tend to feel like i'm not an artist. i feel guilty. i feel like i am a phoney studio art teacher and i hate that. but just because i'm not painting doesn't mean i'm not being an artist. i make stuff now. i make bird pillows and tote bags and eye glass cases and pencil and brush cases and aprons....and i draw and plan in my sketchbooks and i do some printmaking..and i try to make all of my units of instruction based around a form of art that i need practice in and i do those assignments, not just to practice but to reinforce why i give such assignments to my students...and to prove that they are possible to do in a certain frame of time in a certain high level of quality. i really love the feeling of production. and production of a well crafted craft! its a different feeling from painting. not as selfish. you think of who is going to wear this apron and how will they put it on and how will they use this pocket and adjust the straps.

it is how artist are i tell myself and my stundets...we go off on tangents, experiment, try new things....but to make what i now do feel the same way, the same satisfied feeling that one feels once completing a successful painting....that is what i'm shooting for.

so thank you design*sponge in introducing people who do the same ...art work, live and make "craft" their art. thanks for introducing Laura Normandin. i love her work. i love how beautiful and simple her "mersey seat" series is. this is some of it here. check the rest of her work and what she does here.

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