Aug 27, 2007

House & Garden Photo's

Sorry I’ve been so lame with posts lately. I get on a roll and then life hits you with busy work and posting on my blog got on the wayside. Today was my first day with my students and my new adventure in teaching photography. I was so nervous since I haven’t stepped into a dark room in 20 years!!! My class is absolutely perfect though…very energetic and enthusiastic learners who I think will appreciate my teaching as a painter as oppose to a technical photographer. Not that that doesn’t have great merits…. anyway, we dove a little bit into composition and aesthetics. Looked onto design*sponge today to see her post on house ands garden photographs that are for sale through this site…check them out!!! Great photo’s from the 40’s and 50’s,my favorite period of style. I posted some my favorites..I really love the couple in the living room…all the furniture is made from pine..reminds me of IKEA This photo is by André Kertész and its titled Quiet Night at Home, 1948..i love the board man in his suit playing cards alone while his wife reads her book on the couch. I imagine what the former owners of my house were doing in 1948 on a quiet evening. I would love to know what my house looked like during each decade.

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