Aug 29, 2007

new finds in search homework

i'm teaching photography this year and i'm very excited about it. i have this great class that is completely on the ball with mature behavior and enthusiasm. we talked about journal keeping and making a work of art at of what they learn. not only the photographs but the art of learning about photography. so i've been looking at tons of photo sites and photo books. i found a great site looking for katy grannan. she advertises her model searches from small town grocery store papers and flyers. she lets her models decide where and how they are photographed. many are in their own environments, wearing what they want, if wearing anything at all, in the pose they choose to have. i love this idea. what insight these photos show. she has moved her latest photos from their environments to near by parks, in nature, in very compromising situations. check her out along with others at gallery 51 . your job is to mach this pics with the artist found in this site. have fun!

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