Oct 18, 2007

A new Look!!!

thanks to my best buddy Patrick, he has updated jennyjen to look and feel a bit more like jennyjen! he's added some great new background colors as well as did a little re-arranging. we're not too happy with the switch to the new blogger...not as much that we can do with certain aspect ....trying to make the links have their own page...he's added a new photo section where i can document my world travels. we updated our whole buisness plan with a new macpro and air card so we can update from abroad, i can now have credit card sales at my jennyjen booths, and we can constantly stay connected!!!! Harvey will be so proud of us..as well as adding the garage and entire basement to our business side of the house! Our house is more for our businesses than our actual living! The basement is being converted to my painting and silk screening studio, while the garage will be the new bike workshop. so new things are happening...still trying to train chucky and louie to ways of the sweat shop...they're A's in the unraveling to making a mess in the yarn department. i really think those claws would be great for ripping out my sewing mistakes..

tomorrow is the MAEA conference..I've made really cool tote bags that stand on their own, plenty of pockets and space for the dream teacher tote! All they need are wheels and self-control driving devices! Will post after conference.

so thanks again PATRICK FOR MY NEW LOOK!

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