Oct 4, 2007

flag paintings up for sale

decided to put some of my flag paintings on my etsy site. When I turned 40, I decided to complete a series of paintings titled 40 flags. I sewed 40 canvases, grounded them with matt medium, and used oil paint to create my symbolic flags. I call them flags in need of formal representation for very informal and hidden mysteries that I encountered growing up. I started out with basic patterns to represent a each "country" of growth, then added imagery and painted layers to build onto the meaning. Each represents a part of growing up as a woman in the U.S. from the early 60’s to the present.
The flags hang on the wall, by two grommet openings at the top, or you can frame them.
all flags are 16” W X 12.5” H; Oil on sewn and stretched canvas; Hangs like a tapestry

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"Cupcake" said...

ooo I have one of those hanging on my wall.