Mar 8, 2008

not saying good-bye, just see ya later

This week was a very busy and hard week. I had to say so-long to two of my favorite people…first of all, Ruby, my favorite hair stylist that has created the best color, cuts and styles of jennyjen! My sister found her and we will absolutely miss our cuts, our conversations and our friendship. She is off to a new adventure to Portland Oregon…not too far away from daddy-in-law’s island in the Sound.

Then to another sadness…one of my favorite students, Ae-hyum will be leaving tomorrow on a jet plane to Korea. She has to go back with her Dad and Mom. She has worked her tushy off enough to graduate from HS early, so she can go back to Korea and not have to go to high school until winter. But can save up to come back this summer so that she can attend MICA along with her sister. She has been an inspiration for all of the AP kids as well as myself. Her explorations in mix media, including coffee! Started a great trend in my AP group of experimenting and not taking the obvious ways to making art. Here is just a sample of her work that she produced this year in my Advance Placement and Studio 1 class this year. I will miss her in class! But I know I will see her this summer. She promises to hang out with me in my booth at Artscape this summer.

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