Mar 11, 2008

the zen of posting and riding a bike

funny, here we are a normal Tuesday skipping yoga once again,up in my sweat shop posting another jennyjen product on my etsy site, Patrick downstairs on the lap top, posting on his blog. I really have to say, my man has really been working hard on the upkeep of his blog. writing his heart out and just like Obama, making more and more sense. He posted this great pro-bike (yes everything on his blog is pro-bike)about how great the world would be if we all actually could ride our bikes to work! I wish they would turn one lane, each way of Perring Parkway into a bike lane (with concrete barriers protecting the cyclist from the gas eaters) so that i could safety ride my bike to work! I do believe we would all be happier if we rode our bikes to work. Check out his blog here...while you're there, click onto his entire blog to check out the post about taggers!

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