May 20, 2008

first the slide projector....then the polaroid

i have so many fond memories of the various stages of Polaroid cameras my grandfather went through in my childhood. i loved the accordion fold out...and the excitement of pealing back the paper after waiting , what felt like forever to see the image. I took a workshop once so that i could get a free Polaroid camera in the beginning of my teaching career with this great plan of converting empty casings of film into more Polaroid cameras...not realizing how much 20 rolls of Polaroid film costs in my early days of $18,000 a year salary. i played around with scratching into the surface and writing into the film as the picture developed. i loved being able to watch it develop.
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Polaroid photographs that were shot using their now sadly extinct polaroid sx-70 film, coupled with the polaroid sx-70 folding camera."


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