May 19, 2008

going vinyl

i really love this new trend in wall decals...blows wallpaper away! i have painted painstaking on walls...projector in hand, brushes of all sizes, don't hit me or i'll kill you, wall paintings. our loft used to have many a decor. we've been contemplating various items and pics to paint on our walls but haven't found the time to get all of my painting tools and materials out and do any of them. search wall decor on etsy and you get 72 pages full of great designs! here are some of my favorites from the first quarter of the selection..we have the scuba diver on our john! one of my stocking stuffer i got from santa!

tank diver, vinyl toilet graphic by vital

Wind Blown Dandelion Vinyl Sticker by Sweetnothing
Sophia- birds on branch decal by Elephannie
Opulent wall Graphic by oneupdesigns

Walk this Way by ellynelly

Squiggle Bird Family large wall decal by lewasdesigns


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