Jan 20, 2009

Happy Obama Day!

Barack Obama HOPE canvas art poster 2008 for president

OBAMA Silhouette Illustration 44th US President Print Vintage Style Light Blue T-Shirt

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA. wall sticker surface graphic by Lana Kolefrom B-more!

Today is such a wonderful day! I am so excited for our future. I'm not sure which part of today made me the happiest...Obama's speech or watching Bush fly off in the helicopter! So ha[[y to hear an intelligent speaker with inspiration, foresight and wit! As well as someone who can pronounce his words and read sentences longer than 5 words! I found some good finds on etsy today to celebrate today! I know, some were on the front page this morning...but I really enjoyed these today!

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bar paris said...

Big day for america, I hope Obama will change the world !