Apr 18, 2009


So Mildred and I had a ladies night out with Indian Food and a good movie. We both graduated from Towson State in 1985...actually Mildred graduated a semester early in 1984....but we both ended up in the misery of artistic degrees...me, with a BS degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Painting...Mildred with a double major in English and Spanish...I believe her concentration was in Creative writing. Both of us having to move back home to horrible jobs in retail...Mildred did some time in the housewares department of the Hecht Company...me with a hipper Job at Kemp Mill Records that only lead to more retail jobs closer to the city so I could move out of my parents house.
So of course the movie of choice tonight was "Adventureland" .And yes I believe director Greg Mottola got 1987 right! He nailed the outcast poets returning to the homeland right...the job prospects.....and of course the awesome soundtrack. Check out the playlist here on The Playlist blog. I'm listening to the Rolling Stones' Top right now as I type.

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