Apr 21, 2009

Design as If you Give A Damn!

I saw Cameron Sinclair speak last night at MICA and I feel I have to share this with as many people that I can...I was amazed! I am constantly knocked over by the hope and humanity and positive outpouring of these contemporary hero's. Obama gave me tear jerking hope that I never thought I would experience in my life time. That is so sad to even admit it. Last night's lecture by Cameron Sinclair, founder of Architects for Humanity spicked my puch of hope even further. Here is Sinclair's talk at the TED awards that is so worth spending 23 minutes watching. It makes want to do something way more than my little birdy contributions to the world...but perhaps find a better way to imsprier my studnets to get involve and mae a difference. And that it can all happen with DESIGN!

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