May 28, 2009

BEST at Artstar

The weather this weekend is going to be perfect for a little travel, some great shopping and hanging out at one of the coolest DIY craft shows on the east coast. It’s the Art Star Craft Bazaar and it’s this weekend at Penns Landing Great Plaza, Saturday and Sunday (may 30-31) from 11AM to 6PM. Over 100 artists and crafters! Get there early and get one of a 250 free tote bags (silk-screened with Julie’s west’s Bazaar Logo) and filled with gifts from sponsors, vendors and coupons for area restaurants and shops. So, when is the last time you’ve been to Philly the City of Love? Less than 2 hours away on a beautiful sunny day in the 70’s. Stop by to visit these BEST members who will represent the Baltimore handmade scene:

Yellow Leaf Broken Plate Pendant with Vintage Dangle Beads

Raven, Hand Colored Woodcut with Letterpress

Jade Drop Earrings

Monster Truck long-sleeved infant t-shirt

Palmistry by Worndress

Birdy Party in Blue by Jennyjen42

Nandi bag by Dari

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Bethany Hissong said...

I loved your work at the Art Star Craft Bazaar!! I think we're on the same path... when I turned 42 in November I did the same-- returned to my true love of art and childhood pleasures. Now I'm spending my time at my new studio and gallery, playing and making art! Talk to me if you're interested in showing at HATCH in Lancaster, Pa!! ;) bethany